Fercanorte - Structures, Slabs and Formworks Ltd is an engineering company that has dedicated all its efforts to structural concepts that allow the realization of slabs solutions, using techniques and products in order to satisfy the quality standards as well as structural and architectural features, with advantageous and competitive final costs against other structural solutions.
As so, the beginning of its activity was immediately focused on the introduction of flat slabs solutions without beams, which allowed the combination of essential and crucial factors to the acceptance by designers, architects, contractors and project owners of this solution.
These solutions were first implemented using lightweight blocks, fungiblocos, and then with recoverable plastic molds, thereby reaching the requirements of simplicity and and speed of execution of formwork and placement of rebar in structural meshes that allowed the use of multipurpose spaces for parking, commercial and residential areas.
In addition, the introduction and promotion of post-tensioning in buildings since 1982, providing solutions in prestressed reinforced concrete, associated with various structural slab solutions, has expanded its field of action and intervention, allowing the meeting of even higher architectural and structural requirements, and ensuring at the same time the proper functionality of these structures in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Fercanorte is also present in the Angola and Mozambique markets.

In Angola, and in the short term also in Mozambique, Fercanorte extended its range of activities, in partnership with specialized companies in the field of waterproofing and protection of buried structures in contact with water, representing the CETCO with VOLTEX products (sodium bentonite expansive membrane) and in the field of metal-textile  tensioned shades.